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Tradition and History of the Greiter Family

Your host family Greiter comes from a longstanding and rich farming history and care deeply for their roots in agriculture in Serfaus and the special bond it brings to nature and their animals. The oral family history suggests that 3 brothers came from Switzerland to live in Tyrol and settled in the hamlet of St.Georgen in Serfaus. This was their first place of settlement. Later they moved to the hamlet of Madatschen in Serfaus.

As early as 1653 the family name Greiter appeared in the registry of Serfaus. Our great-grandfather Franz Greiter was born in 1858 in Madatschen and later moved further into the centre of the village of Serfaus. He settled in the hamlet Serfauser Feld, as the land there was a lot easier to work on for his wife Apollonia and their children. Franz worked at another farm to save money and was able to buy a house with a stable in the centre of Serfaus at around 1900.

Our grandfather Josef Greiter was born in 1893 and was in the unfortunate position to be sent to work as a farmer's aid to Swabia (area in Germany) just like so many other Tyrolean farmer's children. These so called "Swabian-children" needed to gain employment to help provide for their parents who were farmers living in poverty. At the young age of 12 he worked on a farm from March until November far from his own home. He fought in the First World War and finally took over a part of the farm in Serfaus. He was in charge of about 4 or 5 cows, young cattle, and bullocks. The farming of the land was an essential part of surviving as a farmer and he managed to provide for his family. 

Josef married the lovely Adelheid Illmer from Fiss in 1927 and they already had the brilliant idea to share their home with guests visiting this lovely area. They rented 4 rooms in the farmhouse building and changed the layout to suit their guests. In 1930 they set up a store in the ground floor. Due to their success and hospitality, Josef and his son Franz Greiter decide to build a guest-house the beautiful "House Greiter" in 1952-1953.

Josef and Franz Greiter were  successful cattle dealers and sold their livestock to the alpine pastures in the region and numerous markets in the area. The transportation of the livestock was always conducted on foot and was a hard task as Serfaus is at a high elevation. Later they were able to make use of bikes until motor vehicles were available to them for transportation.


During the years of 1962 and 1963 Franz Greiter and his wife Annathres built the "Darrehof". It is named after the location which was called the "Darre" in German and was located on the other side of the "Platz" (German for "court") close to his parent's farm. The Darrehof was their new home, had a small shop with a variety of products, a stable for their livestock, and ample space to rent out to their guests.

Farming has changed significantly in the past 50 years. Our family understood that they needed to adapt early on and realized that it is harder to live off the land and it is important to specialize and concentrate on their passion of raising livestock. Agriculture and the growing of crops became less important and it i obvious that the land is predominantly used for cattle in this area now. The farmers adapted to the changes and understood where their strengths lay, so the breeding and selling of cattle became an important part of life in our area and is the most efficient use of our land. We are very happy that our family decided to specialize in the breeding and keeping of the lovely "Haflinger" horses early on.

Our horses play a pivotal role in our life and we pay special attention to their well-being. This is the reason why we decided to rebuild a large and modern stable outside of town to give our horses all they need to be happy and healthy in 2004. The riding arena was added in 2009 and gives us the chance to exercise the horses all year round. Our farm is still one of the largest working farms in Serfaus.

We are proud of our strictly organic agriculture and keep very busy with our 17 ha of land which includes alpine meadows that sometimes need to be cultivated by hand. This may be a lot of work, but we can ensure the best food for our animals directly from our own laborious efforts.

Our passion as farmers is concentrated on our work with the lovely Haflinger horses. The majority of our horses at the riding ranch are bred directly here at the Darrehof. At the moment, our stables are inhabited by 12 Haflinger horses and 4 wonderful Welsh ponies. We are also very fond of our "landscapers" who take care of our hard to reach fields: our 4 llamas and Tyrolean mountain sheep. In addition, we also take care of a lot of other friendly animals who are all very popular with our guests in our petting zoo. 

At the stables in St. Georgen we also grow a lot of different fruit which never goes to waste! We produce delicious fresh apple juice, as well as schnapps-specialities, and delicious homemade jams which you can enjoy at our lavish breakfast buffet. 

Most of the farmers in our region have specialized in various different areas and this enables us to help each other and only get the best local products available. We cooperate with one another and can therefore offer you a huge variety of locally sourced produce. This is the reason why we are so proud of our delicious breakfast buffet! We are able to serve you locally sourced and extremely fresh products like milk, butter, and yoghurt from the organic farm  "Fergl’s Hof" run by farmer Kurt Klinec from Serfaus; the delicious and one-of-a-kind mountain cheese from the Komperdell cheese factory, which only uses locally produced milk;, aromatic herbal tees from the "Kauner Kräuterecke"; and the delicious Tyrolean Alpine honey from the local beekeeper Hans Köhle from Fiss.

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