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Special Delicacies to Enjoy

It is important to us to use fresh, seasonal, local produce and to offer you all the healthiest food from our region during your holiday in Serfaus. We lovingly prepare and process the food from our own organic farm, as well as from other local farmers and proudly present our high-quality food to you as our guests.

Our delicious Darrehof breakfast buffet:

There is no better way to start an amazing day in Serfaus than with the scrumptious Darrehof breakfast buffet. The buffet offers you a wide variety of fresh organic produce from our own farm, as well as from local farmers. Taste the difference in our milk, butter, cheese, jams, and many more delicious home-made products. All our guest in the holiday flats are welcome to join us as well, all you have to do is pre-order the breakfast.
Refuel with natural energy and enjoy a day full of activities in our beautiful holiday region Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.

Fresh, healthy products directly from the farm:

We are proud to offer you high-quality organic products directly from our farm and a selection of healthy food we source from farmers from our region. Enjoy the fresh milk, cheese from the Komperdell alpine diary, homemade jam, freshly churned butter – they are all a delicious special treat.

The alpine wildflower hay for all our animals comes from our fields and alpine meadows around and above Serfaus. For concentrated feed, our animals receive organically produced grain mixes. We do not use any from of artificial fertiliser.

Natural products from our organic farm:

Grandma's jam made with a traditional recipe:
Our "Nona" (grandma) makes phenomenal jams, mostly from our own farm fruit and wild-harvested fruits. We offer Morello cherry, apricot, elderberry, apple-barberry, and more special jam creations - as long as supplies last!

Artisanal schnapps from the farm at St. Georgen:
Our domestic and wild fruit schnapps is produced from organic fruit from our farm Darrehof at the entrance to Serfaus. Both are pure distillates: the fruit brandy made from antique apple varieties (incl. Schalamowski, for example) and pears is mild and fruity. The Spenling schnapps (from a rare fruit related to the wild plum) is well spiced and acerbic... a true rarity! Sip one of the specialities from an Austrian stamperl (shot glass) at our house bar!

Regional products from local farmers:

We only offer our guests the best locally sourced products and ensure the highest quality. 

Milk:  Fresh every day, unprocessed and unaltered - one of the most wholesome foods available.

Butter: Homemade, and bursting with natural flavour! Did you know that a kilogram of butter requires the cream from 22.5 litres of milk?

Cheese: We are able to offer three different types of cheese - all produced on Komperdell mountain. Each type is only available for a certain amount of time: Dorfkäse comes at the end of June, Almkäse in the middle of August, and Bergkäse at the end of November - and only as long as supplies last!

Serfaus Bio-Yoghurt – all our milk products are supplied by the conscientious organic farmer Kurt Klinec from Serfaus.

Tyrolean Alpine Honey – directly from the local bekeepers from our region. This delicious honey is one of the most valued products from our region.

Herbal tea mixtures from "Kauner Kräuterecke“ gardens: The teas include "Zauberkraft“ (sorcery), "Schlechtwettertee” (bad weather tea), "Jausentee” (teatime tea) and "Gute-Nacht-Tee“ (goodnight tea).

All these products are available seasonally. Additional seasonal products are available for limited times. 

The cosy fireside bar:

Our homey hotel bar invites you to enjoy Austrian wine specialities, sip on a cold Pils draught beer, a delicious cocktail, or have a taste of a schnapps-speciality. Relax here with your family and friends and bring a fantastic day in Serfaus to a fitting close.


There is a wide range of fantastic restaurants in and near Serfaus, some are even in our neighbourhood. We are happy to help you choose the perfect restaurant, starting from a snack-bar, international or traditional Tyrolean restaurants, all the way to high-class gourmet restaurants. With pleasure we will give you our personal recommendations, check availabilty and make reservations. 

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