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Our horses are our pride and joy

From valuable breeding animals (the original Tyrolean Haflinger) to well-trained riding horses and even types of horses with a certain "fun factor" - it's all here! At the Darrehof ranch in Serfaus you can enjoy an extra special riding holiday.

The Tyrolean Haflinger horses are very close to our family's heart and we consider theses lovely animals to be our passion. This passion is reflected by the important role which our horses, and all our animals, play at the Hotel Darrehof and the beautiful Darrehof ranch.

In addition, if you look at the pedigree of each horse closely, you may notice some family resemblances between them!


Horse Hotel Tyrol - Nature Hotel Holiday Ranch Darrehof

Born.: 20.02.99
Mother: NOMADA (Mother: Nastra / Father: Andrit)
Father: STANDSCHÜTZ (Mother: Junella / Father: Starkenbach)

Nena is a stunning beauty (4th place of her age group at the Haflinger world-exhibition 2005) and she is very graceful, agile and one of our most reliable horses.


Born: 05.02.04
Mother: ALEGRA (Mother: Assunta / Father: Winterstein)
Father: ATON RE (Mother: Conny / Father: Archimedes)


Our young Ninjana at the Holiday Ranch Darrehof

Born: 01.02.07
Mother: Nena (Mother: Nomada / Father: Standschütz)
Father: ALPENSTEIN (Mother: Akelei / Father: Archimedes)

Our young mare is already a wonderful horse to ride on hacks in the beautiful countryside and is a great pleasure to ride for our advanced riders during lessons.


Born: 23.03.98
Mother: TRAUTI (Mother: Tamina / Father: Stuart)
Father: ASCHAU (Mother: Andrit / Father: Marina-Midras)

Trava is our exciting and spirited mare with a unique character. She is very friendly, expressive, and intelligent. She enjoys being close to humans and is lovely to ride. Trava is trained in dressage to level A.


Our calm Myrthe

Born: 02.02.92
Mother: MELORA (Mother: Midras / Father: Alpha)
Father: ANDRIT (Mother: Lollo / Father: Aras)

Our lovely Myrte is a very calm natured horse, who is perfect for riding adventures in nature. She is a beautiful horse and well-suited for hacks, advanced riders, and all beginners of riding.


Born: 22.04.04

Our lovely and well-trained teaching horse Lotte is popular due to her wonderful temperament. No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced rider, Lotte is the perfect horse for everybody.


Our successful mare Fella

Born: 22.02.09
Mother: FABIENNE (Mother: Felicita / Father: Amadeus)
Father: NORDTIROL (Mother: Junella / Father: Nabucco)

Fella is our stunning young mare with an excellent breeding success. In 2009 her foal was crowned the most successful at the foal auction in Ebbs, at the 2010 yearling branding she reached 2nd place in the arena, at the world exhibition in Ebbs she was classified as Ia, in 2013 she took part in the elite-mare show and passed the Haflinger-test with excellent success.


Born.: 2010
Mother: HAIGA (Mother: Helena / Father: Starobin)
Father: NIKORA (Mother: Tiffany II / Father: Nordtirol)

Our beautiful young mare who is still in training.


Our beautiful Marybeth at the Darrehof in Serfaus

DOB.: 23.01.2004

Our Marybeth, or Mary for short, has recently been made available to our guests. She is already at the riding school and is very popular with the riders due to her eagerness to please.

Welsh A - Prince Charming

Born.: 23.04.08
Father: Churchwood PRESIDENT

"Prince Charming" – the name clearly says it all. He is the favourite of most of our young riders and captivates children's hearts with his charming disposition. He is still very young and eager to learn. Prince Charming is showing great promise and will surely be an amazing pony to introduce numerous children to riding for many years to come.

Welsh A - Charly

Our pony Charly

Born.: 1994

Meet Charly, our wonderful pony measuring 120 cm. He is an absolute champion when it comes to pleasing our youngest riders. He has the sweetest disposition you could ever imagine and loves to be taken care of by children. Charly may be small in size, but he boasts a huge character.

Welsh A - Sunlight

Born.: 20.04.04
Mother: Three-B AURYN
Father: Three-Stars SINUS

Sunny is our wonderful "Mini-Lipizzaner" horse. This wonderful mare is very gentle but can be a true diva at times. She is a very gentle soul and perfect for all our young riders. Her wonderful nature makes her easy to ride and even easier to love.

Reitpony Gina


Geb.: 2010

Gina ist eine sanftmütige und fleißige Reitponystute, die perfekt die Größe zwischen unseren Welsh-Ponys und den Haflingern abdeckt. Somit wird den Kindern der Umstieg auf die "Großen" erleichtert.


Geb.: 2009

"Bring Farbe ins Leben" ist das Motto unsere neuen Pintostute Joy. Und Joy macht ihrem Namen alle Ehre, denn Sie ist eine wahre Freude unter dem Sattel. Möge Sie vielen Reitern Freude bringen!

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