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Hippolini Riding Courses for Children

At the Darrehof ranch we offer the children's riding programme Hippolini®. Children are gently introduced to riding and this unique pedagogical concept is well received and pays special attention to the relationship between the horse or pony and the young rider.

It is essential that children enjoy the interaction with our precious animals and learn to ride in a playful and loving environment.

Our trained teachers are attentive guides, but they give the children enough space to embrace the riding lesson in Serfaus with wonderful creativity and great fun. Our friendly ponies are carefully trained, and in combination with our skilled teachers we assure a stress-free introduction to riding for all children.

We offer two Hippolini® courses for different age-groups at the Darrehof:
Hippolini-Mini-Club for kindergarten age (3 - 6 years of age)
Hippolini-1-course for primary school age (6 - 10 years of age)

Our exciting Hippolini-Mini-Club offers your kindergarten-aged child a wonderful riding experience and playful introduction to ponies with a well-trained teacher. The programme is on offer on specific dates, can be booked for 5 dates, and your child is more than welcome to take part multiple times.

Our Hippolini-1-course is suited for children of primary school age and teaches children the basic foundations of riding. The children are taught in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, how to correctly sit on the horse or pony, how to handle the animal with care, and most importantly compassion, riding finesse, the basics of horse-care, and information on the sport of riding in general.

The courses are carefully planned and the playful lessons gently progress the ability of our young riders within the group. They learn to lead the ponies, and how to sit on their pony with and without saddles and bridles. The theoretical explanations and practical exercises are always alternated and never boring.  

Hippolini®-courses are a unique method of teaching children to ride the most natural way and emphasising the special bond between the rider and the pony or horse. The course aims to teach children to handle these magnificent animals, and in a playful environment, learn to love and respect their pony or horse. It is an essential part of all Hippolini®-courses to teach children to "steer" the animal, and understand their pony. Our young riders in Tyrol are taught on our beautiful ponies, which are friendly and relaxed and only 1,15 m high.

Hippolini®-courses for our holiday guests are on offer from 17.06. - 24.06.2017 and from 23.09. - 30.09.2017. All children can also take part in our Bambini- riding lesson throughout the year.

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Hippolini-courses for children in Serfaus - Nature Hotel Holiday Ranch Darrehof